The “The Natural Power of Plants”, the NOG slogan clearly focus IQL approach to innovation.

IQL is within Fine Chemicals Division of Nisshin OilliO Group. This Division is a strategical for the group whose innovative character is part of its reason for being.

Meetings to capture application needs and market trends between IQL team, partners and customers´ R&D departments are held face to face in most of specialized congresses worldwide.

The Company bases its innovative activity on its values and structural policies, which are to deliver technological solutions to improve people’s life and contribute to reduce environmental impact and global energy consumption.

For reaching the innovation targets IQL dedicates more than 10% of its personnel to R&D activities held  in the Company own well-equipped laboratories, moreover takes advantage also of the cooperation and synergies with  the Nisshin OilliO research center in Japan, universities, and specialized technological centers.

Considering that IQL strong point is its broad experience and knowledge in organic synthesis, the company has taken a step forward emphasizing and increasing the know-how of the  product final applications from its core businesses in sectors as Food/Feed, Cosmetics and Lubricants  to be aligned with today’s requirements, beyond the chemistry. As differentiated value, IQL R&D teams cooperate hand in hand with customers to add value to their formulations and provide them with the opportunity to grow attaining their niche and strategical prospects.