Quality and Safety

The management of Industrial Química Lasem, S.A.U. considers the quality of its products and services, environmental responsibility, labor risk prevention, and the manufacturing of safe products as essential points for company success. The company is committed to fulfilling all quality, environmental, labor risk prevention, and food safety system management requirements, as well as complying with all current regulations.

In order to improve customer service, ensure product quality and safety, care for the environment, and prioritize the safety and health of its employees, Industrial Química Lasem, S.A.U. pledges to focus all its materials and human resources on these objectives. The company provides training for all staff, invests in modern and appropriate procedures and facilities, and establishes safe working conditions and environmentally respectful activities to ensure the production of better quality and safe products.

Furthermore, within our organizational framework, every department and its members collaborate harmoniously, reciprocating mutual respect and consideration, embodying the ethos of a cohesive “One Team.”

The described policy undergoes an annual review to ensure its appropriateness for the nature, magnitude, and requirements of Quality, Environment, Labour Risk Prevention, and Food Safety concerning the products and services provided by Industrial Química Lasem, S.A.U.

The company prepares detailed annual targets plan to develop this policy and maintains an open and collaborative relationship with authorities and stakeholders. This policy is available to the public.