Quality and Safety

Management of Industrial Quimica Lasem, s.a.u. considers that quality of its products and services, environmental responsibility, labor risk prevention, and manufacturing safe products, are essential points for company success, so the Company commits to carry out all quality, environment, labor risk prevention and food safety system management requirements as well as all current regulations related.

Based on this commitment of improve customer service, assuring quality and safety of its products, taking care of the environment and safety and health of its employees, the management of Industrial Quimica Lasem, s.a.u. commits to focus all its materials and human resources to this purpose. In this way, the Company trains all staff and invests in modern and appropriate procedures and facilities used, to ensure better quality and safe products, as well as establishing a safety work conditions and a respectful activity with the environment. In addition, the Company commits to keep employees involved in all initiatives related with this policy training and reporting all his staff about that with “Omoiyari” in Japanese. Omoiyari means to encourage the exchange of opinions, the cooperation and empathy, either directly or indirectly, between all departments and workers for each other in any situation, and all employees must perform them voluntarily.

The described policy is reviewed on annual basis to ensure that it is appropriate to the nature, magnitude and requirements of Quality, Environment, Labour Risk Prevention and Food Safety concerning products and services provided by Industrial Quimica Lasem, s.a.u.

Industrial Quimica Lasem, s.a.u. prepares a detailed annual basis targets plan to develop this policy and keeps an open and collaborative relationship with the authorities and stakeholders. This policy is available to the public.