QuolioTM is a Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oil obtained by the esterification of vegetable glycerol, with a specific and selected blend of fatty acids, caprylic (C8:0) and capric (C10:0).

QuolioTM is free of additives, solvents and catalyst. It is manufactured in an exclusive line, completely food compliant with dedicated processing units. Due to the very strict manufacturing conditions and the selection of raw materials, QuolioTM is a clear and colorless liquid. It is neutral in odor and taste.

QuolioTM is presented with different products, Quolio 75, Quolio 60, Quolio 85, Quolio 60 MB and Quolio 60 COCO.

Products FA Distribution [%] Mass Balance RSPO Coco origin
Products C8:0 C10:0 Mass Balance RSPO Coco origin
Quolio 60 60 40
Quolio 75 75 25
Quolio 85 85 15
Quolio 60 MB 60 40  
Quolio 60 COCO 60 40  

Product benefits

  • Improved manufacturing process
    • Exclusive line to MCT oil production, avoiding any possible cross contamination with external agents.
    • Dedicated processing units specially designed for food applications.
    • Manufactured without catalyst, additives, solvents or thermal oil.
    • Low iodine value.
  • High performance profile
    • Excellent resistance to polymerization.
    • High oxidative stability.
    • Good low temperature stability, low cloud point (≤ -5 ⁰C).
    • Liquid at 0 ⁰C.
    • Lower viscosity than other natural triglyceride oils.
    • Saturated and very unreactive molecule.
  • Exceptional solubility
    • High solubility of fatty substances.
    • Good solubility in alcohol.
    • Excellent carrier.
  • Hydrophobic ability
    • Low water solubility, it acts as a moisture barrier preventing water loss.
    • Surface treating substance, it protects and isolates surfaces.