Technology and Services
“Your versatile partner for designer esters”

Why choose IQL?

IQL is a company committed to excellence by means of quality consistency and versatility in product design. IQL does not have the attitude of “one structure fits all”. Rather, we exhibit a willingness that is unparalleled in the industry to “think outside the box” to adapt new or improved organic chemistry technologies and ideas into every product IQL manufactures. IQL is confident in its ability to offer the best customized and comprehensive specialized product solutions to every customer.



IQL relies on its own “know-how” acquired since its foundation in 1947 and on technologies implemented since 2011 by the Nisshin OilliO Group most skilled engineers.

IQL has multiple batch reactors with different characteristics to cover a broad range of synthesis requirements. Batch and semi-continuous processes, all them meticulously designed with the objective of meeting any challenging requirement with optimized quality consistency.

With frequent investments in production equipment upgrades, IQL facilities are cutting edge technology.

Pilot plant

In addition to the synthesis availabilities of the R&D IQL laboratory, a new pilot plant has recently been implemented to reproduce current IQL industrial processes on a smaller scale, with a capacity of about 200 kg.

Pilot plant is aimed to allow determining whether the process is technically feasible, as well as establishing the optimal operating route of said process for the subsequent industrial scale up as well as to provide higher volume samples to assist customers’ field trials.


IQL’s products are loaded in their various formats using detailed and meticulously designed procedures to continue guaranteeing excellence in the quality of the produced product and eradicating any possibility of cross contamination.

Incessant investments in automation of packaging systems significantly reduce an unpredictable and unruly variable such as human error.

IQL packaging usual formats are: