Food and Feed

QuolioTM with high solubility and no impact on odor or organoleptic properties makes the product a perfect choice to play with different food formulation for a variety of purposes.

High oxidative stability

Unsaturated fats and oils have a natural tendency to oxidize or resinify at high temperatures. QuolioTM presents a high stability against oxidation. After 30 min at 230ºC some aldehydes are clearly noticeable in the case of sunflower seed oil, but not in the case of QuolioTM.

Neutral in taste and smell

QuolioTM is processed under a high standard of food safety and perfectly refined. QuolioTM is not promoting any off-flavor or off-odor even under demanding conditions.

Hydrophobic ability

QuolioTM exhibits very low water solubility thus it can make the surface of the mold, pan, machine or equipment water-repelling. QuolioTM also protects surfaces against corrosion  due to the hydrophobic effect as well as the isolation from the external air.

Film former properties

QuolioTM presents a perfect balance in surface tension, spreadability and viscosity; consequently, it forms an interrupted film between the surfaces and the doughs. Additionally, MCT can form a good adhering film on steep walls, creating a moisture barrier and preventing water loss.

High fatty substance solubilizer

QuolioTM is perfectly refined and presents a very few number of particles, being rated as below 0.05 NTU, preventing clogging of the nozzles during application. QuolioTM presents good solubilizing properties being slightly more polar than standard vegetable oils, so it can act as a solvent for oil dispersible substances.

Solvent QuolioTM Sunflower oil
Acetic Acid Soluble Soluble
Diethyl Ether Soluble Soluble
Ethanol 96% Soluble Insoluble
Ethyl Acetate Soluble Soluble
Glyceryl Oleate Citrate Soluble Soluble
Hexane Soluble Soluble
Isopropanol Soluble Soluble
Isopropyl Myristate Soluble Soluble
Lecithin Soluble Soluble
Paraffinum Liquidum Soluble Soluble
PEG-400 Oleate Soluble Soluble
Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate Soluble Soluble
Rapeseed Oil Soluble Soluble
Soybean Oil Soluble Soluble
Toluene Soluble Soluble

Solubility 1:1

In the following table are indicated recommended usages of QuolioTM in food and feed applications:

Function Advantages Recommended applications
Solvent / Carrier agent
  • Solvent for oil dispersible materials.
  • Carriers and transports fat soluble components.
  • Oxidative stable.
  • Neutral in taste and smell.
Flavors, essences, vitamins and lipophilic ingredients.
Dispersing agent
  • Improves the homogeneity of pigment dispersions.
Colorants, powders, spices, condiment, herbs, etc.
Releasing agent
  • Constituent of releasing preparations helps to prevent stickiness.
Baked products in any sort of mold shapes.
Hydrophobic agent
  • Good film former and protective capacity.
  • Low water solubility, it acts as a moisture barrier.
Water repelling for confectionery molds, food processing machines and equipment’s.
Surface treating substance
  • Protects and isolates surfaces against corrosion and external air.
  • Forms a good adhering film on steep walls.
Confectionary molds, food processing machines and equipment’s.
Lubricant agent
  • Forms a stable oil film.
  • Prevents nozzles clogging.
Confectionary molds, extruders, food processing machines and equipment’s.
Coating agent
  • Keeps the surface sheen.
  • Protects against drying out.
  • Protects against discoloration.
  • Helps to prevent stickiness.
  • Prevents water loss.
Dried fruit, frozen foods, confectionery, hard candies and gummies.
Clouding agent
  • Produces uniform cloud.
  • Taste neutral.